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  1. Kendall, Dustin. I love you guys, you’re amazing!! I’m so proud of you… Thanks for make music for us, thank u for make us happy :) Los amo Chicos

  2. Boys are the most ♥
    Kendall want you to know that I love you forever, you are great ♥ greetings from Argentina

  3. If my dad can get out of work on Dec. 14, I can go to the Columbus show! :D <3 and my parents are gonna get me a VIP pass too! I'm so happy that I'm gonna be able to meet Spiderman and the Dustache haha <3

  4. Daniela


  5. Monse De Pablo

    casate con migo Kendall.
    yo amo a Kendall :) saludos desde Mexico

  6. Hey! So i have a idea… can you do a Heffron Drive Tour but in mexico? i want a lot one here! Please thinking in this idea!
    if you can’t do one here no problem but i really want a lot one in mexico! So thanks if you read this! Love ya!
    xoxo :3

  7. Monse De Pablo

    casate con migo Kendall :) LOL
    saludos desde Mexico :)

  8. Kendall Dustin ILYSM I really want to go to one of your concerts but there are all in USA
    youuu should do a south american tour ;) And go to Uruguay. #JustSaying

  9. Come to brazil please! Brasil loves u!

  10. Hi guys! I love you so so so much! :) So much luck to this new tour all my positive wishes to the band :) This is gonna be awesome! Please come to Mexico!!! <3
    Blessings xoxo

    • Administrator

      I’ll tell the boys. Gracias!

      • Kelly

        Would you also tell them that we want them in South America, there’s THOUSANDS of Drivers here ;)
        Saludos desde Argentina :)

      • Hello!
        My name is Natalie and I’d appreciate it to unspeakable levels if you suggest a Millwaukee, Wisconsin concert. I can’t go to any of the other dates, and it breaks my heart D:
        Thank you,
        Natalie (:

  11. this website is quite impressive!! congrats on all your planning working out, guys!!

  12. Dawn Mascolo

    I’m so happy they are doing a US tour. I’ve been waiting for this. However, they are playing on Thanksgiving day in Florida – can’t go :( I see they’re are more dates to be announced, any dates possible for Orlando????

  13. @sandynayeli11

    kendall you are a very talented guy and only take care much hope someday to meet you :)
      want to be my boyfriend?? plis ;)

  14. Luizaida


  15. México City really loves Heffron Drive :’))) You should visit your Mexican Drivers PORFAVOOOOOOOOOR <3

  16. Monica Marfil

    please come to Mexico, I want to see in concert and triumphing heffrondrive in MEXICO, please!

  17. Tania Edith Parra

    pueden venir a México, porfavoor???
    can come to Mexico, pleaase

  18. Viki

    I want HD come to greece for a tour… I’m huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!

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