About us

Winter Tour Travel Agent offers an informative place for travelers to book the holiday they have always dreamed of. If you are considering a domestic getaway, an international holiday or a luxurious cruise, Winter Tour Travel can help it become a reality by putting you in touch with Travel Agents within Cairns and surrounds.

A good Travel Agent in Cairns takes a personal interest into ensuring your holiday is as exactly how you envisioned. They are knowledgeable, understanding and have personal experience with destinations around the world. Whether you are traveling for leisure, business or an event, the greatest deal is top priority for most travelers.

History of our business

Our management team has been running large travel companies and making travel arrangements for customers since the 1980s. Winter Tour Travel has a team of professionals who work night and day to find the best quality properties at the most competitive rates. We know when you should book and how you should book to get the very best value for your customers.

Winter Tour Travel has been voted one of the industry’s top provider of hotels at various different UK travel award ceremonies in recent years.

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